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Our spirits are currently sold and served at the following local retailers, bars, and restaurants in Washington, DC (see below for shipping). We update this page when orders are fulfilled. See a correction, or wish to see your favorite establishment added to our list? Please direct the manager to our Contact page for more information.

NOTE: Products and quantities vary by location, so please call the store in advance to confirm availability.

You can always order Twelv 31® online and have it shipped directly to you. Please visit the website of one of our retail partners below.

* = local delivery available

** = local delivery and out-of-state shipping available




North East:

Edgewood Liquor Store, 2303 4th St NE

Good Ole Reliable Liquors, 1513 Rhode Island Ave NE

Greenway Liquors, 3700 Minnesota Ave NE

JJ Liquors, 1211 Brentwood Rd NE

Kovak's Liquors, 1237 Mt Olivet Rd NE

Michigan Liquors, 3934 12th St NE

Peacock Liquors, 1625 New York Ave NE

Oasis Market, 1179 3rd St NE

Rose's Liquor, 830 Bladensburg Rd NE

Syd's Drive-In Liquor Store, 2325 Bladensburg Rd NE


North West:

**1 West Dupont Circle Wines and Liquors, 2012 P Street NW (Click Store Name To Order Online) 

**Angel’s Share Wines & Liquors, 1748 7th St NW (Click Store Name To Order Online)

Best One Liquor, 322 Florida Ave NW

**Bloomingdale Wine & Spirits, 1836 1st St NW (Click Store Name To Order Online)

Gallagher & Graham Fine Spirits,  1939 12th St NW

Georgia Avenue Food Barn, 6205 Georgia Ave NW

Hamilton Liquors Wine & Spirits, 5205 Georgia Ave NW

Jefferson Liquors, 5307 Georgia Ave NW

Metro Wine & Spirits, 1726 Columbia Rd NW

Orange Spoon Cafe & Liquor, 1255 23rd St NW

Pan Mar Liquors, 1926 I St NW

Serv U Liquors, 1935 9th St NW


South East:

Hayden's Liquor Store, 700 North Carolina Ave SE

LAX Wine and Spirits, 3035 Naylor Rd SE

Minnesota Liquors, 2237 Minnesota Ave SE

Penn Branch Liquors, 3228 Pennsylvania Ave SE


North East:

Avery's Bar and Lounge, 1370 H St NE

Ben's Upstairs, 1001 H St NE


North West:

Ben's Next Door, 1211 U St NW

Saint Yves, 1220 Connecticut Ave NW



Laurel Beer Wine & Spirits, 8501 Cherry Ln, Laurel, MD


If you'd like to purchase our spirits for your on or off premise locations, please email Please see list of local retailers above for delivery and shipping options. Check back periodically for additional information about distribution outside of Washington, DC and Maryland.