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Our Story


If you have ever received your drink and found it too strong, too weak, or too sweet, you are not alone. We grew tired of always settling for countless drinks that were too strong, too weak, or just too sweet, and we decided to do something about it. We realized that everyone was not born with a bartender’s hands, so we decided to fashion our own spirit, one that would ensure happiness every time it left the bottle. We created Twelv 31®. Twelv 31® Velvet Berry is the world's first premium vodka and white rum-based liqueur. 

Twelv 31® sets the standard with its sultry, Velvet Berry flavor, and is the perfect blend of both strength and sweetness. As the first liqueur of its kind, Twelv 31® Velvet Berry is the perfect addition to any festivity or celebration. Taking balance to the next level, the first-class drink is perfectly pourable, and is ready to be served straight from the bottle. A premium blend of exotic berries and tropical fruit essences, coupled with both vodka and white rum, Twelv 31® Velvet Berry is an explosive combination and a heavy-weight contender in the spirits industry. With its signature color, effortless mixability, and impeccably smooth finish, Twelv 31® Velvet Berry is sure to help celebrate life, and all of its most precious moments.